If there are multiple clerical characters and some sort of ranked hierarchy, the higher ranking members are much more likely to be evil or corrupt and possibly so because of their high rank. This trope taken to its logical conclusion gets you the Corrupt Church that thinks of itself as a Saintly Church. This one is so pervasive that https://chinarestaurant-kaisergarten.de/buffet finding an overtly religious character in media and making him or her likable without promoting an anvilicious agenda is difficult. This is especially so if the character is genuine clergy, although you might get lucky with a kind priest or monk of some sort. If you see one of these people in a slasher or horror movie, don’t get too attached as they are often the first to get killed in rather nasty fashion.

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  • Because it is his holiness—his being “other” than us, his perfect moral purity, his inability to do or be something other than good—that makes him able to be trusted at all times.
  • And while some of them use it to justify truly jerkass behavior , most of them are shown struggling with their faith at one point or another, even the Alpha Bitch.
  • Almost everyday there is an alleged gay, lesbian or trans persons attacked either by mobs on the street or by blackmailers who pose as LGBTQIA+ fellows and lure young people into isolated areas, abuse, rape and beat them.
  • Maybe by learning these facts, we can all assess ourselves and determine areas where we carry holier-than-thouattitudes that we need to change.
  • Otherwise, your soul is in GREAT peril……or at least that’s what they say, because on the other hand…
  • Some Christians have found themselves in this belief from time to time, believing that God wouldn’t withhold certain blessings from them or bring sadness and hardship into their lives.

When she asks him if it bothers him that she’s not religious, he tells her he doesn’t care because he’s not the one going to Hell. He’s very unhappy after they’re told by a priest that, as a result of their extramarital sex, both are going to Hell (a sign of his self-righteous ignorance itself). In a tragic rather then malicious example, the Markab race died out of plague mostly because they believed that the malady was a divine punishment for debauchery and concealed all facts of contraction out of fear of embarrassment. Naturally, a horde of people susceptible to a respiratory infection gathered closely together in an air-tight space worked out just as well as you’d think.

Since this clashes with the more tolerant interpretation of Angels portrayed by most players, Zealots tend to be roleplayed as this trope. A few Zealots can learn an additional power, named “Holier Than Thou”, which allows them to freely attack anyone with lower Morality than themselves – including other angels. This is one that might be connected to prosperity faith, where if you pray on something for a certain amount of time, and desire it enough, you will see it happen. This is a dangerous warning sign of a holier-than-thouattitude because it is believing that you are your own Jesus, or even a controller of God, in that you can make certain things happen in your life, while avoiding other things . Some Christians have found themselves in this belief from time to time, believing that God wouldn’t withhold certain blessings from them or bring sadness and hardship into their lives.

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In some episodes, however, Josh Lyman, a fellow Jew (if a seemingly less-devout one) does note that Toby has a tendency to treat Josh as somehow being a lesser Jew, partly because Toby comes from New York and Josh from Connecticut. Also averted in the character of Sam Carter, whom Word of God (i.e., the actress) says is a practicing Catholic and can occasionally be seen quietly praying before the shit really hits the fan. However much a smug, self-righteous, passive-aggressive manipulative bitch she seemed to be before, one got the feeling that she sincerely was devoted to the Prophets and to the good of Bajor; that made her defection to the Pah-Wraiths all the more shocking. On the other hand, it’s played straight with some of the more uptight members of the Minbari religious caste.

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The end of the episode shows the bishop starting anew. While Jack is a drunken lech and Dougal a ditz, Ted himself is a bit more complex. Clearly he is interested in fame and money but many occasions show that he at least has faith and often means well; he just is a bit too inclined to follow his baser desires. There is an interview with the creators where they discuss their real feelings on religion.

Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister” . Rather than develop a holier-than-thou attitude toward those who do not share our personal convictions about non-essential issues, we should look for ways we can limit our own freedoms in order not to offend a weaker brother . Humility, not pride, should characterize the life of a believer.

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They also insist that angels only have sex while possessed by the Holy Spirit, so that they can claim God is the father, and they are thus the only true “Children of God”. In Daddys Dyin Whos Got The Will, Lurlene Turnover is a minister’s wife who uses her supposed devotion to her faith to make herself feel better about the fact that she and her husband are nearly broke after years of poor financial decisions. Cardinal Roark of the Sin City story “The Hard Goodbye,” who used the mob, a police death squad, and a silent and deadly farm boy cannibal whose proclivities he shared in order to do his dirty work.


This is a load of crap; he judges everyone, all the time, and is totally oblivious to how irritating they find him. Most higher-ups in the Church of St.Eva from Breath of Fire II are this, preaching about their all-loving god and forcing others to convert, even if it takes some weeks of incarceration until they start praying to Eva out of desperation or, more often, insanity. Its founder Habaruku, goes the extra mile and directly states anyone not in their ranks to be possessed by the devil. Averted and subverted with Shawn Michaels post-comeback.